lock-image-gold-blockout2The MAMMOTH is a complex of three buildings, conveniently located in downtown Louisville. Our storage facility is located in the main building, “Building 1”, at 744 South 13th street.  This three-story 90,000 square foot brick storage warehouse has a limestone block cellar and foundation.

The building was constructed during the Civil War by the military to be a storage facility for medical supplies. Construction was complete in 1865. Historically, the structure has been used for storage and warehousing purposes. Former businesses located in Building 1 include: The Louisville Paper Company, Louisville Tin and Stove, and Cundiff Moving and Storage.  Our 23,000 square foot storage facility is located on level 3 of this building.

Fire & Security

Building 1 has a certified and inspected, fully functioning dry sprinkler system.  Our sprinkler system is hard-wired into a remote fire monitoring system. The building is also protected with fully monitored perimeter and motion detection security systems. Both systems are monitored 24/7 by A-Sonic Guard (http://www.a-sonicguard.com/). Keyed access and a locking commercial garage door inside the building prevent access to the third floor storage facility.



The MAMMOTH uses a “We-Store” (not a “Self-Store” or “U-Store”) business model.  This business model allows us to offer our customers exceptionally low bulk warehousing prices on monthly storage rates.

Accessible by the building manager only, customer storage is packed and secured onto pallets then transported by the building manager to the third floor on our freight elevator. A detailed inventory of customer property is developed when clients move in, and it is tracked and tagged using our warehouse logistics system.

We provide manager-escorted access to your property by appointment, or you may request to have your property delivered to a loading dock for departure.  Restricted access means your property is secure and protected. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.  It is our general policy to require that appointments be set with 24 hours advance notice, and appointments are booked based on scheduling and availability of our staff.  In most cases, we can accommodate access with less notice but this is contingent upon staff availability.  Move-outs require an appointment to be scheduled in advance.  Emergency access and emergency move-outs can be accommodated in certain cases depending on staff availability, and additional labor charges will apply.    




We have 5 loading docks on the south side of the building, and two ground-level freight entry doors on the north side. We can accommodate residential, office, and commercial bulk storage.

Our freight elevator can accommodate lots up to 106”x 123”x 95”.

We transport property on pallets using pallet jacks. We also have a forklift available for larger, more demanding customer needs.


Contact Aron for more information!  502-758-8338  or  aron@themammoth.org


Book Your Move-In!

Move-ins, access to property and move-outs require an appointment. In most cases, access to your property can be handled within a scheduling window of 24-hour advance notice. All appointments are subject to scheduling and staff availability.

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A $25 advance "handling fee" is collected when move-in appointments are scheduled. This non-refundable fee is applied to your account as a credit toward handling charges at the time of your move-in.